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Melee Characters

Name Description Special Moves
MeleeMario Mario Mario Symbol Mario is overall average, including strength and speed; he is one of the most balanced characters, and is a standard for the tutorial video. Standard Fireball
Side Cape
Up Super Jump Punch
Down F.L.U.D.D.
Final Smash Mario Finale
MeleeLink Link Zelda Symbol Link reappears as one of the heavier fighters with a slow movement, but still has a strong attack strength, and a large arsenal of projectiles. Standard Hero's Bow
Side Gale Boomerang
Up Spin Attack
Down Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash
MeleeKirby Kirby Kirby Symbol Kirby is back as a light-weight. He has retained his copy-cat style, and his multiple jumping. Standard Inhale
Side Hammer
Up Final Cutter
Down Stone
Final Smash Cook Kirby
MeleePikachu Pikachu Pokemon Symbol Pikachu is a lightweight character, and has very good electrical attacks. Standard Thunder Jolt
Side Skull Bash
Up Quick Attack
Down Thunder
Final Smash Volt Tackle
MeleeFox Fox Star Fox Symbol Fox is quite fast, and his attacks are strong. He can use his Blaster to do damage to enemies without making them flinch. Standard Blaster
Side Fox Illusion
Up Fire Fox
Down Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster
MeleeSamus Samus Metroid Symbol Like Link, Samus has a slow pace and a heavy center of gravity along with powerful attacks. After using her Zero Laser, she becomes Zero Suit Samus. Standard Charge Shot
Side Missile
Up Screw Attack
Down Bomb
Final Smash Zero Laser
 ???  ??? ??? Standard  ???
Side  ???
Up  ???
Down  ???
MeleeZelda Zelda Zelda Symbol Light-weight yet slow, Zelda uses magical attacks that are hard to control, but do much damage when used successfully. Standard Nayru's Love
Side Din's Fire
Up Farore's Wind
Down Transform
Final Smash Light Arrow
MeleeSheik Sheik Zelda Symbol Sheik returns as Zelda's transformation after she uses Transform. Sheik specializes in swift movement, and powerful attacks, when compared with her counterpart. Standard Needle Storm
Side Chain
Up Vanish
Down Transform
Final Smash Light Arrow
MeleeBowser Bowser Mario Symbol Bowser is the heaviest character. He is also slow; this is probably due to his immense attack strength and big size. Standard Fire Breath
Side Flying Slam
Up Whirling Fortress
Down Bowser Bomb
Final Smash Giga Bowser Transformation
MeleeDonkeyKong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Symbol Much like Bowser, Donkey Kong is heavy and strong. He has a unique ability which allows him to capture characters with him for a short distance. Standard Giant Punch
Side Headbutt
Up Spinning Kong
Down Hand Slap
Final Smash Konga Beat
MeleeYoshi Yoshi Yoshi Symbol Yoshi is a power based character with strong smash attacks, and a decently heavy weight. Standard Egg Lay
Side Egg Roll
Up Egg Throw
Down Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Super Dragon
MeleePeach Peach Mario Symbol Peach returns with a new outfit design based on her more recent appearances. She has excellent aerial techniques, and great at recovery and defense but is a very light character. Standard Toad
Side Peach Bomber
Up Peach Parasol
Down Vegetable
Final Smash Peach Blossom
MeleeIceClimbers Ice Climbers 30px The Ice Climbers, Popo and Nana, return from Super Smash Bros. Melee, with an updated appearance. Like always, the player controls either Nana or Popo, while a CPU controls the other. Standard Ice Shot
Side Squall Hammer
Up Belay
Down Blizzard
Final Smash Iceberg

Unlockable Characters

Warning: Spoilers start here.

In addition to the characters listed above, the following characters can be unlocked when certain requirements are met.

Name Description Special Moves
MeleeNess Ness Earthbound Symbol Ness appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an unlockable character. His moveset is similar to Lucas, but differs slightly. He is unlocked by:
  • Playing 5 VS. Matches
  • Reflecting 10 projectiles
  • Being met in the Subspace Emissary.
Standard PK Flash
Side PK Fire
Up PK Thunder
Down PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm
MeleeMarth Marth Fire Emblem Symbol Marth chooses speed over raw power, specializing in strategic defensive play. Marth is unlocked by:
  • Playing 10 VS. Matches
  • Completing Classic Mode
  • Being met in the Subspace Emissary.
Standard Shield Breaker
Side Dancing Blade
Up Dolphin Slash
Down Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit
MeleeLuigi Luigi Mario Symbol Luigi returns with a somewhat similar moveset to Mario. Luigi is faster and can jump higher than Mario, but he has worse traction. Luigi is unlocked by:
  • Playing 22 VS. Matches
  • Completing Classic Mode with no continues
  • Meeting Luigi in The Subspace Emissary.
Standard Fireball
Side Green Missile
Up Super Jump Punch
Down Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash Negative Zone
MeleeFalco Falco Star Fox Symbol Falco Lombardi returns in Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a similar move set of Fox, but several differences. He has the best initial jump of any character, and is very good at aerial combat. Falco is unlocked by:
  • Playing 50 VS. matches
  • Completing the 100-Man Brawl,
  • Meeting Falco in The Subspace Emissary.
Standard Blaster
Side Falco Phantasm
Up Fire Bird
Down Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster
MeleeCaptainFalcon Captain Falcon F-Zero Symbol Captain Falcon returns as the second fastest player in the game. Using speedy combo attacks, and good escape tactics, Captain Falcon proves as a tricky player to fight. One can unlock him by:
  • Playing 70 VS. Matches
  • Beat Classic Mode in less than 12 minutes on Normal difficulty or higher
  • Meeting him in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Falcon Punch
Side Raptor Boost
Up Falcon Dive
Down Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon
130px Lucario Pokemon Symbol Lucario appears as a speedy and agile character, using the power of Aura for most of his attacks. His power increases the more damage he's taken, maxing out at 200%. He can be unlocked by:
  • Playing 100 Vs. matches
  • Beating all difficulty levels on Target Smash!! (1 or 2 player mode)
  • Meeting Lucario in The Subspace Emissary.
Standard Aura Sphere
Side Force Palm
Up ExtremeSpeed
Down Double Team
Final Smash Aura Storm
MeleeGanondorf Ganondorf Zelda Symbol Ganondorf returns with a style which is described as "weighted". He is unlocked by:
  • Beating classic mode with Link or Zelda on Hard difficulty or higher,
  • Playing 200 matches,
  • Getting him to join the party in The Subspace Emissary.
Standard Warlock Punch
Side Flame Choke
Up Dark Dive
Down Wizard's Foot
Final Smash Beast Ganon
130px Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch Symbol Mr. Game & Watch appears in a completely 2-D physical appearance, with his moves being references to old Game & Watch titles. Mr. Game & Watch is unlocked by:
  • Playing 250 VS. Matches
  • Clearing Target Smash with 30 characters on any difficulty level,
  • Meet Mr. Game & Watch in The Subspace Emissary
Standard Chef
Side Judge
Up Fire
Down Oil Panic
Final Smash Octopus
MeleeJigglypuff Jigglypuff 30px

Jigglypuff returns as her normal light-weighted self. To unlock her:

  • Beat 20 or more events after completing the Subspace Emissary.
  • Play 350 VS. matches.
  • Go to The Swamp level in the second area after the Giant Diddy Kong Battle and enter the new door that appears, then defeat her afterwards.
Standard Rollout
Side Pound
Up Sing
Down Rest
Final Smash Puff Up
MeleeYoungLink Young Link Zelda Symbol Toon Link is almost exactly like Link but more quick and cel-shaded. Toon Link can be unlocked by:
  • Going to The Forest level in the first door in the air after the player beats The Subspace Emissary;
  • After clearing The Subspace Emissary, clear Classic mode with any character;
  • Playing 400 VS. matches.
Standard Hero's Bow
Side Boomerang
Up Spin Attack
Down Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash
Spoilers end here.

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