Hey there! TacticalMaster's the name.

Animal Crossing is a great game. My sister and brother used to play it. I only stopped playing on the first game but here I am, contributing to this wiki ever since I got New Leaf!

My Friend Code is open to anybody. I'm just in it to experience the full gameplay of New Leaf as well as meeting new villagers. That's how you play Animal Crossing, right?

[http://www.animalcrossingcommunity.com/user_profile.asp I have an Animal Crossing Community account here


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Friend Code Notification Sheet <READ THIS IF YOU'RE ADDING ME>

If you have added me as a friend on your 3DS, please sign your name on this sheet so I can get yours. Post your name and your friend code so I can add you. When your name on this sheet has been erased by me, you're now registered on my list.

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NOTE: I'm using Animal Crossing Community for seeking friend codes easily. But if you don't use that too often, then you might as well use the makeshift list.

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