aka Antonio

  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on February 18

Welcome to my page!

Hi, welcome to my page! My name is Antonio and I'm a boy from South Italy. I play Animal Crossing since Animal Crossing Wild World, I spent a lot of time in it!

In Animal Crossing Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk my cities shared the same name: Nevepoli, the Italian name of Snowpoint City, a snow-covered little city in the north of Sinnoh, a region of the Pokémon universe (yes, I'm a great fan of Pokémon!). In New Leaf, however, I change name and is Armonia, the Italian word for harmony.

My villagers, at the moment, are: Flo (uchi), Chester (lazy), Genji (jock), Marshal (smug), Gloria (snooty), Pate (peppy), Elvis (cranky) and Ava (normal). I don't have yet a Dream Address, because I have recently updating the Welcome Amiibo version. My old adress, was, however: 6800-4031-7285. I deleted the file some years ago because I found boring my city to play. 

My old villagers

This is a list where I list my old villagers:

Animal Crossing Wild World: Antonio, Pango, Mitzi, Tabby, Tangy, Poncho, Apollo, Rocco, Buck, Roscoe, Kitt, Mathilda, Alice, Rhonda, Whitney, Hopper, Bones.

Animal Crossing: City Folk: Alfonso, Jay, Midge, Angus, Punchy, Egbert, Mac, Gloria, Jambette, Al, Boone, Peewee, Violet, Elise, Bella, Samson, Friga, Spork, Chrissy, Baabara, Vesta, Willow, Caroline, Wolfgang.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Gayle, Tammy, Croque, Pashmina, Sprinkle, Nibbles, Wart Jr., FloChesterGenjiMarshalGloriaPateElvisAvaVestaSnakeWolfgang

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Actually, the only AC game I'm playing is the new AC: Pocket Camp; which I'm playing since its release in Europe. My ID is 6789-5444-600, if you want to add me :) My default style for the camp is natural, and at the moment my campers are (in order of recruitment):


Campers I previously had:


There is also K.K. Slider, obtained through the purchase oh his stool. At the moment I'm trying to bring Phoebe and Bluebear to my camp. Other campers I would like to be at my camp are Kyle, Fauna, Butch and Agnes.

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