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This isn't a revolution, it's a toddler who doesn't know what a wiki is intended for.
Ingrid, Animal Crossing Wiki

Oh god.
Hopewish, Animal Crossing Wiki

Abusing multiple accounts: bonk bonk bonk.
Ingrid, Animal Crossing Wiki

Abusing multiple accounts: I'm gonna go throw up brb.
Hopewish, Animal Crossing Wiki

Here is a complete list of alts.

What is this user doing?

They are constantly spamming discussions and message walls to turn the wiki back into it's chaotic September/October 2020 form. They are harassing countless admins, framing people, and tons of other stuff.

The wiki had to BE SHUT DOWN FROM EDITING for nearly a whole week due to them expanding to vandalism.

They LEAKED me and one other user's city. Luckily their guess of city was incorrect, but this still got the state that I will keep enclosed.

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