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It's a special day...
Brewster, talking about Valentine's day, City Folk

Valentine's Day is an event that so far has appeared in Animal Crossing, City Folk, New Leaf, Pocket Camp, and New Horizons in Version 1.7.0. In the GCN game, the player will receive letters from various villagers. The more the villager likes the player, the better the gift they are given will be.


A week or two before the holiday, villagers will start hinting that they intend to send out chocolates to a special someone. Pete, the pelican who delivers the mail, also posts to the bulletin board advising players to clear out their mailbox to assure that all Valentines arrive in a timely manner.

On Valentine's Day, players will receive letters from all of the animals in their town of the opposite gender. Each of the three male or female personality types can write two different kinds of letters. Thus, each gender can receive up to twelve different Valentines from their villagers. Each villager will attach a gift to their letter. What the player receives in the mail depends on the relationship with that villager. Shirts are given for so-so to poor relationships, but furniture is given if the player and villager are good friends.

The day after the holiday, Pete will make another post saying that he is done delivering Valentines, but wonders when he will start receiving any.

In City Folk

In City Folk, the player will receive a letter from the villager that they are friendliest with. This villager is always of the opposite gender. The letter contains a chocolate heart, which can be eaten. In addition to this, if the player buys coffee from The Roost they will receive hot chocolate instead, and Brewster will wish the player a Happy Valentine's Day.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, the player will be given a hot chocolate from Brewster and chocolate (or cake) from the villagers. The player will also get a gift from Mom. The mayor will also get a card from Isabelle saying that she is grateful, and that the mayor is doing a great job. The chocolate cake can be used as a furniture item.

In Pocket Camp

In Pocket Camp, the player will receive Valentine's chocolate. On the next day, villagers will congratulate the player. They can also give their favorite animal a Valentine's bouquet and spend a small scene with them.

In New Horizons

In New Horizons, the Heart-shaped bouquet and Chocolate Heart items are available through Nook Shopping. The player will get a gift from a random villager and Isabelle in the player mailbox. In 2.0.0 version, the player will be given a hot chocolate from Brewster in The Roost.