The Vaulting Pole is a navigation tool that allows the player to cross rivers and lakes in their island up to 3 spaces. It is crafted with 5 softwood. The player can obtain the DIY recipe from Blathers once he has arrived on the player's island.


Any river that is 3 spaces wide and does not have fencing, or furniture, blocking the other side of the river can be vaulted across. The player needs to equip the vaulting pole and stand next to the river; facing the direction of where they want to land. Pressing "A" will vault the player over to the other side of the river. If they are unable to vault, the player can continue to walk up or down the river until they have reached an area to vault across.


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  • Vaulting will result in fish being scared off but not bugs on the water, or underwater, such as the Pondskater or Diving beetle.
  • The valting pole is the only tool that is unbreakable
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