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Visitors are when a villager asks to come over to the player's home, to which they can say yes or no. It can also happen the other way around where a villager can ask the player to visit their home. If the player says "yes" they must choose the time and date that they or the player will arrive. However, the player cannot pick a time that is too early otherwise the villager will not have enough time to get ready. Once the time is chosen the player must show up at the villager's house or must be present at their home on time. If the player shows up too late, the villager won't show up or be home and will get upset. Villagers can also forget to show up too, even if the player is present in their home.

Occasionally villagers will show up uninvited to the player's house. They will come in as soon as the player enters the main room of their house.

During this time, the player cannot move or place any furniture items in the house when a villager is present. They also cannot leave immediately as the villager will stop them and ask them to stay a little longer. If the player leaves at the same time a villager does, the villager will leave too.

When the player leaves a villager's home, they will ask the player what they think of their home to which the player can decide whether they like it or not. In Wild World and City Folk, a villager may give their critique on the player's house and will suggest improvements. They will give their rating on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

The day after the visit, the villager will give the player a gift through the mail.

If the player's house is infested with cockroaches, they will leave immediately.

In New Horizons, there will be no time and date. When you see a thinking villager, they may ask you if they can come over. Once they come over, they may give you gifts, and you may play games with them.

Buying furniture[]

When entering a villager's house, the player has the option to ask the villager if they could buy their furniture. Once a piece of furniture has been selected, they can be bought for a certain number of bells. However some items are not for sale and the villager will refuse to sell it, this also includes living creatures such as fish and bugs.

In Wild World and City Folk, villagers can also ask the player if they can sell their furniture items as well.