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Wedding Season is an event in New Horizons. During the event, players who visit Harv's Island have the opportunity to do a special wedding-themed photo shoot featuring Reese and Cyrus. The player will be rewarded with wedding-themed items for taking the best wedding photo.



During the first six days of Wedding Season photoshoots, the player can get a maximum of 11 Heart Crystals from Reese per day. After completing the seventh photoshoot, the maximum number of Heart Crystals that can be obtained from Reese is 15 per day. These can be used to use to purchase Wedding Items from Cyrus. Each day Reese will say the theme of the photoshoot. The theme alternates between Ceremony and Reception for the first six days. During this period, Reese will also provide an item each day after completing the photoshoot: a Wedding Bench, Wedding Table, Wedding Flower Stand, Wedding Head Table, Wedding Pipe Organ, and a Wedding Arch. On day seven onwards, Reese will no longer ask for Ceremony and Reception themed photos, instead alternating between three set ideas; pink and white, chic, and garden, along with hints toward a preferred color scheme for those sets. The player will be able to use as much or as little wedding themed furniture as they like as long as the furniture matches the preferred theme.

On June 30th, the final day of the event, after finishing the last photo for that day and collecting the heart crystals, speaking with Reese again will have Reese request that the player create more photo sets for her and Cyrus, however they will not get any more heart crystals to trade as a reward after the amount they received for the first photo.

Wedding Items[]

Name Image Category Trading materials ? Customization Kits Sell price
Wedding bench NH-Furniture-Wedding bench (cute) Furniture x5Heart Crystals 875 Bells
Wedding decoration NH-Furniture-Wedding decoration (cute) Furniture x3Heart Crystals 250 Bells
Wedding table NH-Furniture-Wedding table (cute) Furniture x6Heart Crystals 1500 Bells
Wedding chair NH-Furniture-Wedding chair (cute) Furniture x3Heart Crystals 500 Bells
Wedding flower stand NH-Furniture-Wedding flower stand (cute) Furniture x4Heart Crystals 1000 Bells
Wedding candle set NH-Furniture-Wedding candle set (cute) Furniture x4Heart Crystals 300 Bells
Wedding head table NH-Furniture-Wedding head table (cute) Furniture x6Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Wedding cake NH-Furniture-Wedding cake (cute) Furniture x5Heart Crystals 1000 Bells
Wedding pipe organ NH-Furniture-Wedding pipe organ (white) Furniture x40Heart Crystals 25000 Bells
Wedding arch NH-Furniture-Wedding arch (cute) Furniture x20Heart Crystals 5000 Bells
Wedding welcome board NH-Furniture-Wedding welcome board (Cute-message) Furniture x5Heart Crystals 375 Bells
White Wedding Wallpaper NH-Furniture-White wedding wall Wallpaper x12Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Wedding Party Wallpaper NH-Furniture-Wedding-party wall Wallpaper x12Heart Crystals 437 Bells
Brown Wedding Wallpaper NH-Furniture-Brown wedding wall Wallpaper x12Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Green Wedding Wallpaper NH-Furniture-Green wedding wall Wallpaper x12Heart Crystals 750 Bells
White Wedding Flooring NH-Furniture-White wedding flooring Flooring x12Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Brown Wedding Flooring NH-Furniture-Brown wedding flooring Flooring x12Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Green Wedding Flooring NH-Furniture-Green wedding flooring Flooring x12Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Blue Wedding Rug NH-Furniture-Blue wedding rug Flooring x4Heart Crystals 375 Bells
Red Wedding Rug NH-Furniture-Red wedding rug Flooring x4Heart Crystals 375 Bells
White Wedding Rug NH-Furniture-White wedding rug Flooring x4Heart Crystals 375 Bells
Wedding dress NH-Dresses-Wedding dress Dresses x20Heart Crystals 5000 Bells
Wedding Tuxedo NH-Dresses-Wedding tuxedo Dresses x20Heart Crystals 3000 Bells
Wedding Pumps NH-Shoes-Wedding pumps Shoes x6Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Wedding Shoes NH-Shoes-Wedding shoes Shoes x6Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Bridal Veil Bridal-veil.c8eef92 Hats x12Heart Crystals 1150 Bells

Special Items[]

There are three more Wedding Season items available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that aren't obtainable with Heart Crystals but can unlock during a certain amount of photo shoots.

Name Image Category Crafting materials ? Customization Kits Sell price
Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate NH-Furniture-Reese & Cyrus photo plate Furniture N/A 100 Bells
Wedding Fence NH-Wedding fence Furniture x5NH Ironnuggetx3NH-Softwood 411 Bells
Wedding wand NH-Tool-Wedding wand Furniture x3NH-Star fragmentx1NH-Furniture-Wedding flower stand (cute) 3500 Bells


  • Wedding Season was added in the Earth Day update (1.2.0) on April 23rd, 2020.
  • The Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate will be displayed in the houses of the villagers the player invites to the event party on day 7, though they will only remain for a limited time.
  • Heart Crystals received from Reese can be gifted to villagers. Upon receiving the crystals, the villagers will have unique dialogue about the item, usually expressing thanks. Villagers will not display heart crystals in their houses after receiving them as gifts.
  • If the player speaks with Harvey on July 1st, the day after the event ends, Harvey will mention that Reese and Cyrus flew home. Despite this, the pair can still be summoned back to Harv’s Island if the player has their Amiibo cards. As of November 5, 2021, the two alpacas stay at the collective behind the house forever, and even during the event, the player can still talk to Reese and Cyrus outside, where Cyrus will still be offering his normal services.
  • Even after the first formal party that Reese and Cyrus host, that same event can be activated again for the rest of the month by inviting the villagers of your island via the Residents tab (which includes Wilbur, Harvey, and Harriet), or using any amiibo cards. Once all the characters are ready, the player can go talk to Reese, who will hint that you can press the + button to start a party.