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Weeding Day is an event which happens in Spring or Autumn. Leif hosts the event when the Gardening Store has been built in the Player's Town. The event is advertised as a day for the villagers to come together to remove weeds from around the town, though the responsibility is entirely down to the player. Clovers are not seen as weeds during this event, therefore they do not count.


If the player enters the event with zero weeds, Leif will suggest three new public works projects instead of providing furniture.

During the event, the player will need to talk to Leif, who can be found in the town plaza. He will tell them how many weeds he wants removed from the town in order to obtain items from the Flower Set of furniture. Each requested number of weeds removed will result in Leif rewarding the player one item of furniture.

Lazy weeding day

Leif's corner in T&T Emporium is closed off.

The event relies on there being a sufficient number of weeds in the player's town to collect all twelve items of the set. If there is a shortage of weeds, the player can use online multiplayer features to visit other towns and continue collecting the items. Prior to the event, it is recommended to leave weeds to grow in the town.

Because Leif is in the plaza during Weeding Day, his shop, regardless of whether or not it is in T&T Emporium, will be closed with a note explaining why. After 7PM, when Weeding Day is over, Leif will have left the plaza. However, his store or area will remain closed for the rest of the day.


Main article: Flower Set

Once the player has picked the required number of weeds asked for by Leif, he will give them an item from the Flower Set.

Flower Set:

  • Azalea Stool
  • Cosmos Fan
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Hibiscus Clock
  • Hydrangea Bed
  • Lily Record Player
  • Lily Lamp
  • Pansy Table
  • Rose Sofa
  • Sunflower Stereo
  • Tulip Dresser
  • Violet Screen


If the player removes all weeds the day prior, and no weeds are present in the town during Weeding Day, Leif will suggest three different topiaries-- Round, Square, and Tulip-- as Public Works Projects to the Mayor.

Tips and Tricks[]

Below are some useful tips and tricks for this event.

Home town[]

Before the event, leave weeds to grow in the player's home town to make it easier to obtain items from the set. However, this comes at a cost to the perfect town rating which allows the player to obtain the Golden Watering Can. Players will also not be able to obtain the topiaries as Public Works Projects if they have any weeds in their town.

Friend's town[]

Visit a friend's town to help obtain items from the set. It is rumored that the player may have to pull up to 30 weeds to obtain at least one item. Also, if a friend's town has no weeds, pulling clovers will still cause the player to be given a reward.

Town ordinance[]

By enacting a Town Ordinance, particularly the Beautiful Town Ordinance, one can increase their chances of entering Weeding Day with no weeds, and therefore ensure that they can obtain the Public Works Projects. On the other hand, it is unadvised to enact the Beautiful Town Ordinance if the player is trying to obtain items in the Flower Set, since fewer weeds will spawn.