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#95 Welcome Horizons
NH-Album Cover-Welcome Horizons
Games NH
Mood By request only
Owned by none
Characters on cover K.K. Slider
Live Version Aircheck Version
Aircheck ("Cheap") Aircheck ("Phono") Aircheck ("Retro")
Welcome Horizons
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese みんなあつまれ Minna atsumare -
France French Horizons nouveaux -
Spain Spanish Nuevo horizonte -
Germany German Neue Horizonte -
Italy Italian Nuovi orizzonti -
The Netherlands Dutch Welkom Horizons -
Russia Russian Светлые горизонты Svetlyye gorizonty -
China Chinese 大家集合吧 Dàjiā jíhé ba -
South Korea Korean 모두 모여봐요 Modu moyeobwayo -


  • This song was first featured in the Nintendo Live 2019 Splatoon 2 Live Concert, where K.K. came in as a cameo playing Splattack on guitar, before playing the song before the live audience for the first act of the live concert. This appearance can be viewed here.
  • It is an obvious cover of the song that plays on the Title Screen.