The player wearing a rental wet suit.

The wet suit (マリンスーツ Marin Sūtsu?, Marine Suit) is a new tool added in New Leaf that allows the player to swim and dive underwater to find sea creatures such as seaweed and octopi. There are 9 possible wet suit colors.

The wet suit can be bought from Tortimer Island for 40 medals. There is a 25% chance that the wet suit will be available on any given day. If the wet suit is not for sale, Lloid will always offer one for rental on Tortimer Island. Certain wet suits are rare (orange and pink), while others are only found on Club Tortimer (blue, red, striped, and white), which the player can join for 50 medals.

  • Black wet suit
  • Blue wet suit
  • Green wet suit
  • Orange wet suit
  • Pink wet suit
  • Red wet suit
  • Rental wet suit
  • Striped wet suit
  • White wet suit

To dive into the water, the player must press the A button when facing the ocean on the island or in town. Note that a fishing rod will override the Wet Suit if one is currently equipped, and the player will attempt to fish rather than dive.  Any other tools will be put away prior to jumping in the water.  While in town, the player can jump off of Kapp'n's dock or parts of the cliff where water is below.

You cannot change your clothes while wearing a wet suit, and Mabel will comment on this if you attempt to try on clothes in the store while wearing one.


  • If the player spends enough time diving in the suit, they will shiver as if cold upon exiting the water. The window to activate this effect is significantly shortened in the winter months.
  • Animal Villagers do not acknowledge the player is wearing a wet suit, despite talking about the item; instead, they will comment on the clothing the player is wearing underneath the suit.
  • If the player presses A to dive while they are not near the water, they will start the dive, but stop and make a wide-eyed expression.
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