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The white owl is a bird first seen in New Leaf that will sit and hoot when there is a new message on the Bulletin Board. However, the white owl is visible only during the night until 6:00 AM (during the day the yellow bird will be seen residing on the board). The white owl has no official name or gender.

Like its daytime counterpart, the white owl cannot be captured and will quickly fly away if the player ventures too close to it. Unlike the Yellow Birds, there are no white owls to be seen on Main Street, not even at night. However, up to four white owls may be glimpsed at the Campground in the evening, roosting on the roof of Harvey's gift shop. The campground owls are more animated than the one on the Bulletin Board, tilting their heads and slowly bobbing up and down to the beat of Harv's tambourine or maracas. Their distinctive hooting calls give away their presence.


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White owl
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