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WiiConnect24 was a Wii-only feature that allowed the Wii console to be connected to the internet (and Nintendo) at all times, even in stand-by mode. It was what allowed Distributed Items in City Folk to be downloaded and given to the player in-game by Pete, Wendell, or other Special Visitors. As of the service's discontinuation on June 27, 2013, WiiConnect24 is no longer accessible to players without modification of the console.

Activating WiiConnect24[]

WiiConnect24 needed activating on both the Nintendo Console and the City Folk game. This would've been done by the following method:

  1. Firstly, the player must choose Wii Options which is located at the bottom-left of the Wii Menu screen.
  2. Once in the Wii Options menu, they should go to Wii Settings. Once in the Wii Settings menu, they should go to page two which has WiiConnect24 at the bottom.
  3. They may be asked to enter a 4-digit password, which either they know, or the Wii owner knows.
  4. Once the password is entered, and the menu accessed, the player should go to WiiConnect24 and select On.
  5. The player is now connected to the internet, and will receive messages from Nintendo on the Message Board. However, letters containing DLC will not be received in the City Folk game yet.
  6. Once the player has loaded the game, they must go to the phone in the attic of their house and pick it up. Rover will start talking.
  7. The player must then select WiiConnect24. Rover will then discuss settings. If the service is not already on, Turn it on should be selected. If it is, then the player should select Keep them on!. Nintendo can now send the player Distributed Items.


Nintendo announced the termination of the WiiConnect24 service on June 27, 2013 globally. That meant that these and other features in City Folk would no longer function. Players could still connect to Nintendo WFC to visit towns of other players until May 20, 2014.


RiiConnect24 is a homebrew service for modded Wii consoles that allows connection to a substitute WiiConnect24 server, allowing new DLC for City Folk. Items such as a "RiiConnect24 carpet" are distributed.

You can also send pictures you took in the game to your Wii Friends (who also have RiiConnect24) via Wii Mail.

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