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Delta Oscar Delta Oscar is go.
― Wilbur's Island Tour landing phrase.

Wilbur (ロドリー, Rodrī) is a dodo special character who serves as a pilot for Dodo Airlines in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He allows the player to go on different Island Tours. He refers to himself as "stovetop rubber band" and the player as "bellbottom bebop" amongst several other nicknames.

Physical Appearance

Wilbur is a dodo with blue feathers. He has a large yellow beak, with a brown tip. Wilbur's outfit consists of a pilot's uniform. He has a white shirt with a red tie. Also, he wears a black belt, with a small pouch attached to it. Unlike his brother, Wilbur wears large aviator sunglasses. He wears a headset to communicate with Orville.


In New Horizons

Wilbur is a pilot for Dodo Airlines in New Horizons, taking the player on island tours and to visit other towns via the Airport. He often speaks in an apparently incomprehensible jargon related to pilots, including the common phrase "Roger!" This includes referring to the player as "bellbottom bebop", "bellbottom folk", and "trainwreck blueberry pie" and himself as "stovetop rubber band", "stovetop saltshaker", and "tango boxing is go". He will ask the player if they "wanna bust bunson burners and bounce back to [Fruittown] (e.g. Orangetown)?" or "punt pontoons and fly Soaring Lily here back to [Town]" amongst other colloquialism. He also uses the NATO Phonetic Alphabet with modifications to keep the game family-friendly, changing the word for "W" from Whiskey to Whisker. Upon arrival at an island he says, "Alright, we are two down and docked at the target island. Delta Oscar Delta Oscar is go (Dodo is go)." And when leaving the island, saying "Roger! Lifting off November Oscar Whisker (lifting off now)." He maintains a very militaristic and precise relationship with Orville, the ground control to ensure all flights run smoothly. Upon arrival at a deserted island, Wilbur will sell the player certain tools for Nook Miles.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#405 Wilbur
Type Dodo
Star sign Cancer
Birthday 7/4
Roll value N/A
Hand sign N/A
Request N/A
404 Orville #405 Wilbur 001  ?


  • In English, Wilbur, along with his older brother Orville, are named after Orville and Wilbur Wright, inventors of the airplane.
    • Wilbur's Japanese name, ロドリー Rodrī, is a shortening of ロドリゲス, Rodrigues, which is the island where a relative of the Dodo, the Rodrigues Solitaire, was formerly found. Orville's name is a shortening of Mauritius, which is where Dodos were formerly found.
      • In Japanese, the Rodrigues Solitaire is named ロドリゲスドードー Rodrigues Dodo, which explains why Wilbur is named as such.
  • Wilbur refers to his plane as "Soaring Flower," where the flower is any that appear in the game, and changes every visit to an mystery tour island.
  • While not visible to players in normal circumstances, Wilbur is always behind the airport gate and wall, on left-hand side.
    • If the player hacks their way through the airport gate (even when opened, the space beyond the airport gates is inaccessible), they can speak to him. In the player's own town, he will use placeholder dialogue from lazy villagers.
    • If the game is hacked to talk to him in a friend's town, he will have unique dialogue. He will say,
      Are you the one visiting from [town name]? You're [player name], yeah? I knew it! When I first saw you, I said, 'I...don't know that person.' I thought you were maybe a spy or something... But what would you be spying on? I didn't know! THEN I remembered hearing we have a visitor who is definitely NOT a spy! Anyway, I'm Wilbur! Welcome to [town name]! Enjoy your non-spying stay!

    • If the same is attempted by the player on their own island (while visitors are present), he will say nothing, but a blank speech bubble will appear.[2]
  • If the player talks to Wilbur in the middle of being chased by wasps, he will not show any reaction.
  • Wilbur has the voice of a cranky villager, except it is a little bit deeper. Orville has a jock voice.
  • Wilbur's name is a shortening of ロドリゲス (rodorigesu Rodriguez?) which references the Rodriguez solitaire, a relative of the Dodo bird which is also extinct.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese ロドリー Rodrī
France French Rodrigue
Spain Spanish Rodri
Germany German Udo
Italy Italian Dodoardo
The Netherlands Dutch Wilbur
Russia Russian Уилбур
China Chinese 陸德里/陆德里 Lùdélǐ
South Korea Korean 로드리 Rodri