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You love to yak, don't you? Me TOO! Let's talk!
― Winnie, New Leaf
Winnie (マキバスター, Makibasutā?, Makiba Star) is a peppy horse villager from the Animal Crossing series. She was absent from Wild World and returns in City Folk. Her name might be a reference to horse whinnying or winning a race akin to Victoria, while her catchphrase is a mix between hay; a common horse food, and the catchphrase A-OK. She has the fashion hobby.


Winnie GC

Winnie in Animal Crossing

Winnie is a brown horse with a white nose and a yellow star on her forehead, which is higher up in Animal Crossing. She has blue inner ears and dark brown hair, that appears in a ponytail. She initially wears a Cow Tee.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.
Peppy villagers appear to be in a good mood often and are easy to become friends with. As a peppy villager, Winnie will have the tendency to over-react in conversations about trivial subjects, and will usually be over-excited to see the player or other villagers. This villager, like other peppy villagers, will rarely be discouraged from doing anything, including the usual hobbies. Peppy villagers dream of becoming famous in the future and read Ms. Nintendique, an unseen magazine read by snooty, normal, and other peppy villagers in the Animal Crossing Series. Peppy villagers will also have a very short attention span, which means they soon forget some arguments or tasks given to the player which were not completed. Winnie may easily get upset in conversation when the wrong things are said. She will get along well with other villagers, particularly lazy, normal, jock, sisterly and other peppy villagers, but she may annoy and upset cranky and snooty villagers, whose personalities differ to hers. Due to the nature of peppy villagers, she may mention how "old" or "boring" cranky villagers are compared to her opposing, upbeat personality.


In Animal Crossing, Winnie's house has a lovely theme, with almost every item from the Lovely series (Missing the Lovely Kitchen and Phone). She also has a baby bear and a vase of flowers in her house. K.K. Bossa plays in her house. In Animal Forest e+, this is replaced by My Place. She also has a rose wall.

In City Folk, she does not have a specific theme as she did in Animal Crossing. She a green desk, an exotic bed, a ranch couch, a traffic cone, and some plants. She has My Place playing on a dice stereo in her house.

In New Leaf, Winnie's house still doesn't have a specific theme going on, and has again changed completely. Her favorite song is the same as Animal Forest e+ and City Folk.

House of Winnie WinnieACNL
Animal Crossing (interior) New Leaf (interior)
WinnieNHin WinnieNHex
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)


Ac A160 Screen Shot
Ac A160 bk
#160 Winnie
Gender Female
Type Horse
Star sign Aquarius
Clothes Cow print
Petphrase Hay-OK
Password 5#aa&oHN6vsoG@
Profile Winnie's pretty easy to get along with, but whatever you do, don't mention the term "horse sense" to her. She can't figure out if it's a compliment or an insult, so it just makes her feel confused.
Ac A160
159 Sydney #160 Winnie 161 Cleo

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#046 Winnie
Type Horse
Star sign Aquarius
Birthday 1/31
Roll value 4
Hand sign Paper
Request A stable for horses
Amiibo 046 Winnie
045 Octavian #046 Winnie 047 Knox


  • The star on her forehead might be attributed to the fact a small marking on a horse's forehead is literally called a "star".

In other languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese マキバスター Makibasutā
Flag of France small French Anne
Flag of Spain Spanish Soonia
Flag of Germany small German Walli
Flag of Italy small Italian Clara
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Winnie
Flagofrussiasmall Russian Винни
Flagofchinasmall Chinese 馬星星/马星星 Mǎxīngxīng
Flag of South Korea Korean 카로틴 Karoti

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