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The Wishing Well, and its equivalents, are the main community gathering spots in the Animal Crossing series. It is where one goes to check on how the town environment is, apologize for not completing errands, and is usually the spot that special events take place.

In Animal Forest and Animal Forest+[]

In the original Japan-only N64 version of Animal Crossing, Animal Forest, and the Japan version for GCN, Animal Forest+, a Bell Shrine took the place of the Wishing Well.

In Animal Forest e+[]

The Wishing Well is the center of most festivities in the Town. Apart from being where most Holiday celebrations take place, the players can do several other things there, like check up on the status of the town. The Wishing Well will tell the player if their town has too little or too many trees or has too many weeds in certain acres of their town. The player can also apologize for not being able to do tasks they said they could do for the villagers of the town if they've moved away or such. This is the only way to get rid of villager items.

On New Year's Day the player and villagers can make a New Year's resolution and toss a coin (Bells) into the Wishing Well.

In Wild World and City Folk[]

Main article: Town Hall

The Wishing Well only appears in Animal Crossing, but the functions of the Well have been contributed to the Town Hall in both Wild World and City Folk, by using the Civic Center. However, the player cannot apologize for not doing tasks here. A fountain similar to the one in the city can be made by depositing 400,000 bells into the town fund AFTER donating 200,000 bells for the bridge; so don't donate 600,000 bells because all of that will go towards the bridge rather than for both of them. The player can also throw an axe into the well for a chance to receive a silver or golden axe in return.

In other languages[]

Wishing Well
Language Name Translation
South Korea Korean 소원의 우물 -