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If you saw a shooting star, what would you wish for?
Peppy villager, Wild World

Wishy is the name given to an author of letters sent to the player after wishing on a shooting star. Wishy is often said to be a shooting star though this is unknown as Wishy is one of the few unseen characters in the Animal Crossing series.

Wishing upon a shooting star is done simply by pressing the A Button button when a shooting star goes overhead, usually during a Meteor Shower.

How to see Wishy[]

On a clear night without rain or snow, a shooting star may appear briefly in the sky, making a twinkling sound. Pressing the A Button button when not holding any tools will make the player wish upon the star. The star will twinkle brighter and louder when this is done successfully. However this action can only be performed if there are no tools equipped. The next day, the player will receive a letter signed "Wishy the Star" with a random gift attached to it. It will always be a spotlight item from Tom Nook's Store.

In some games, making a constellation will make it easier to see Wishy. When Celeste gives a date of when a constellation can be best seen, the chances of seeing Wishy are increased.

List of letters[]

In Wild World[]

I heard a special someone
make a wish one night...
It's my job to make that
wish come true... ★
What did you wish for
when you saw the star?
No, that's OK... I already
know. It is granted. ★
I heard a small voice call
to me one lonely night. It
made me I will
grant your wish! ★

In New Leaf[]

To the grounded [player name],
You made a wish on a 
shooting star on a night
when the stars shined bright.
That's right, your wish
reached its destination
so I will grant it for you.
From Wishy the Star


ほしにねがった [player name]さん
ながれるほしに アナタは
ちゃんと きこえましたよ。
そのいのりに こたえましょう。
アナタの ねがいは、


To [player name] who has wished on a star
You whispered your wish to the shooting stars.
I heard it clearly.
Let's answer that prayer.
Your wish will come true.
From Ohoshisama.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese おほしさま ohoshisama -
Italy Italian Stella Desideria -
South Korea Korean 별똥별 byeolttongbyeol -