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Wisp beaten up

Wisp's boss beat him up after he returned without the five spirits.

Wisp's boss is an unseen character who works in the same organization as Wisp. Little is known about Wisp's boss other than that he is a scary person of whom Wisp is afraid. In Animal Crossing and Hohinda Mura Dayori, Wisp fears repercussions from his boss if he doesn't collect the five spirits before 4am. It is unknown exactly what the spirits are needed for. He appears to be violent, beating Wisp up after he fails to return with the five spirits in Hohinda Mura Dayori. It appears that mortals cannot go to wherever Wisp's boss is: Sayorin offers to speak to his boss herself, which he claims isn't possible.

Wisp no longer mentions his boss after Animal Crossing, suggesting that he no longer works for him.


  • It is not known whether or not Wisp truly has a boss. In Hohinda Mura Dayori, Sayorin doubts that he does, claiming that he's just a 'weirdo'; however, in the last page of the part in which he first appears (chapter 1, part 3), he is seen to be bruised and covered in bandages, implying he was beaten up by his boss.