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Hi, my name's Yū, I come from the nearby town, but I like to play here a lot.
― Yū, Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori

is one of the main characters in Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori. He is first seen when Ai was delivering a package to Halberd (Alfonso). Yū is widely known among the villagers of Animal Village for his daily outfit changes. Yū's face was not seen until the last part of the movie. He does not live in Animal Village, but visits often, shown by his first conversation with Ai. Since his town only gets a brief mention, it is possible that his town is the infamous Boondox. Another possibility is that he lives in Treehut.


Yū meeting Ai for the first time.


  • When Yū and Ai's names in Japanese are put together, it means friendship (友愛 yūai?).
    • Yū and Ai's names may also be a pun on "You" and "I".
  • He is the only male human to appear in the movie.
  • Yū's voice actress, Yū Kobayashi, shares the same name as him. And also voiced Lucina from Fire Emblem
  • He may be a reference to how in the Animal Crossing series games, a person could connect through Wi-Fi, so players from other towns can come visit their town.