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Yay Day is an event in Wild World. It is a holiday where the player and the villagers compliment each other. Providing the villager with an appropriate compliment will increase the friendship level between the player and the villager in question.

After Yay Day[]

Further on in the year, some villagers will mention the compliment the player told them on Yay Day. Most of the time snooty, normal, and lazy villagers will bring them up. Most snooty villagers say: "<compliment>! Why does that sound so familiar? Oh yeah! That was the cheesy pick-up line from like, a year ago!" Also, the lazy villagers say: "<compliment>! I can't wait to say it to my crush!" The normal villagers will say: "Words like <compliment> just won't cut it for me... at least not anymore."


  • It is among the few events to only occur in Wild World.
  • Tortimer doesn't appear for this event.
  • The player can input insults to their villagers; they will not notice and will respond as if they had told them a compliment.
  • If phrases such as "girlfriend", "boyfriend" or "my love" are used, villagers will blush say: "Oh, I never knew you felt this way!"