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This article is about special bird character. For the peppy bird villager, see Twiggy.
"So if you see that little bird, you should go check the bulletin board too!" — City Folk


The bird on the cover of City Folk

The yellow bird is a bird occurring the Animal Crossing series. The first yellow bird was found in City Folk, and can be seen sitting and chirping on the Bulletin Board when there has been a new message posted. During night time in New Leaf and New Horizons, a White Owl will take the bird's place.

In New Leaf several other yellow birds occur on the ground in Main Street and in front of the T&T Emporium or Gardening Store. After upgrading to T.I.Y., the yellow birds are occasionally found by the Museum or bench on Main Street. Some yellow birds also appear along the lines of homes in the Happy Home Showcase, and in the campground.

Birds respond to beans, and will flock towards thrown beans and feed on them. The special character Harvey often has yellow birds sitting on his shoulders or head.

The only way to get these beans is to talk to Harvey while he is feeding the birds beans in the campground. It might take a couple tries and you might not even get any. It is entirely possible to get more than one pack of beans if you talk to Harvey more than once after obtaining one pack of beans.

Normal villagers will sometimes mention the bird in conversations. When the player starts the game, a bird can be heard chirping if their house is close enough to the Town Hall. The birds cannot be caught, and will fly away if the player walks too close.


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Yellow bird
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