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The yellow butterfly, Colias erate, is a common butterfly that can be found anywhere near flowers and is as abundant as the common butterfly. The yellow butterfly is present in every game and flutters slowly around town from March to October. It is very similar to the common butterfly, in every way but color. In Animal Crossing, this bug was known as the clouded yellow butterfly. It was the first bug to appear in New Leaf pre-release information with a photo of one flying near a tree.

Donation to the museum

As with all bugs and fish in Animal Crossing series, the yellow butterfly can be donated to the museum by talking to Blathers. During each donation, he will enlighten the player with some information about the donation. Below are quotes from each game on what he has to say:

In Animal Crossing

Blathers response upon accepting butterflies for the museum in Animal Crossing is the same for all species:

"There's an old saying among some of my contemporaries: "Butterflies are beautiful, yet moths are monstrous." Well, if you were to ask me, I'd say they were all the same! By which I mean disgusting! Truly hoo-rrific, wot wot!"

The yellow butterfly can be found fluttering around the flowers in the central display in the bug room after donation.

In Wild World

Upon donation, Blathers the curator speaks of the yellow butterfly:

"Butterflies are covered in "scales" that flake off when touched, eh wot? Blech... The very thought makes my eyebrows itch unbearably... Anyhoo, I suppose that's neither here nor there..."

As with other butterflies, the yellow butterfly can be found flapping around the flowers in the first room of the bug display.

In City Folk

Once again, Blathers will speak of the yellow butterfly in a rather horrified way:

"We call them all yellow butterflies, but many subspecies of this insect exist, wot wot? Indeed, this fact makes them rather interesting to many researchers... What's more interesting to me is why anyone in their proper mind would take interest in these things."

In City Folk, the yellow butterfly appears flying around the flowers on the lower terrace of the bug room.

In New Leaf

After donating a yellow butterfly, the museum sign reads:

"The yellow butterfly is similar to the common butterfly, with the two easily mistaken for one another. Males are more often a yellowish color, and females are more often white. The larvae feed on plants of the Fabacae family, such as milk vetch or white clover."

In New Horizons

When either donating to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say (with abhorrence):

"Allow me to enlighten you... The yellow butterfly is named for its yellow wings. Need I say more? If I must, then allow me to note that the female yellow butterfly can lay up to 600 eggs at a time! Bleech! And their creepy crawly caterpillars just love to chomp on clover plants. A recipe for disaster, I say. Just imagine reaching for a four-leaf clover, only to touch a larva instead! Yuck! The worst of luck!"

Capture quotes

"モンキチョウを つかまえた! きいろくて、キュ―ト!" —Animal Forest
"I caught a clouded yellow butterfly! It's such a cute yellow!" —Animal Crossing
"I caught a yellow butterfly! What? Is it scared?" —Wild World
"I caught a yellow butterfly! C'mere, yellow fellow!" —City Folk
"I caught a yellow butterfly! Now to catch a toastfly!" —New Leaf
"I caught a yellow butterfly! Shouldn't all BUTTERflies be yellow?" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Yellow butterfly (Wild World).png "Males are yellow but females can be white."
Size 50 mm
Time Unknown
Season Spring
Icon Yellow butterfly (Wild World icon).png

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Yellow Butterfly (City Folk).png
"All males of the species are white; females can have white or yellow wings."
Size About 50 mm
Time Unknown
Season Spring

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Yellow butterfly encyclopedia (New Leaf).jpg
"I caught a yellow butterfly! Now to catch a toastfly!"
Size 57.4 mm
Time Morning-Evening
Season Spring

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
NH-encyclopedia-Yellow butterfly.jpg
"I caught a yellow butterfly! Shouldn't all BUTTERflies be yellow?"
Current Active Hours 4am - 7pm
Months active (north) March to June, September to October
Months active (south) March to April, September to December


Further information

A real yellow butterfly.

Main article: Colias erate on Wikipedia

The yellow butterfly is a representation of a species called the pale clouded yellow. This kind of butterfly has a range stretching from Japan in the east all the way to Albania in the west, and can be found as far south as Ethiopia and Somalia. It is a small butterfly, and its wingspan does not exceed 3cm even in a fully-grown adult. It flies during the summer in two generations, and feeds on plants in the bean family.

In other languages

Yellow butterfly
Language Name
Japan Japanese モンキチョウ Monkichō
France French Citrin
Spain Spanish Mariposa colias
Germany German Zitronenfalter
Italy Italian Farfalla gialla
The Netherlands Dutch Citroenvlinder
Russia Russian Желтушка Jeltushka
China Chinese 斑缘点粉蝶/斑緣點分蝶 Bānyuándiǎnfěndié
South Korea Korean 노랑나비 Norangnabi

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