Yellow perch
イエローパーチ Ierou paachi
Yellow perch encyclopedia (New Leaf)
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Location Price
River 240 Bells
Size Shadow size
14.60 in. 35 cm Small (WW), Medium (CF, NL)
Time of year Time of day
October to March All day
Scientific name Perca flavescens
Family Percidae - Perches
Appearances WW, CF, NL , PC
Rarity Fairly Common (★★)
Regional names Flag of Italy small Perca dorata
Flag of France small Perche jaune
Flag of Germany small Flussbarsch
Flag of Spain Perca Amarilla
"I caught a yellow perch! I wonder if birds usually stand on it!" —New Leaf

The yellow perch is a fish found in the river at any time of the day during the months of October through March. Its shadow size is small; roughly the same size as the crucian carp and horse mackerel. It was introduced in Wild World and is considered a "winter fish".

Donation to the museum

The yellow perch can be donated to the Museum by talking to Blathers, who will give a small speech about the donation:

In Wild World

Blathers has this to say about the yellow perch when you donate it:

"Most of the Perch family have perched on a dinner table at some time. Indeed, these fish are available for perch-ase all over the world, wot! Therefore, I imagine the yellow perch would also be edible, don't you think?"

In City Folk

Blathers has this to say about the yellow perch when you donate it:

"Yellow perch have spiny dorsal fins that make them look rather tough. Here's an interesting tidbit: as fry, these fish will hide amongst water plants by standing on their heads! It stands to reason that a tough fish like this one must be clever from the day it's born..."

The yellow perch appears in the middle-right tank of the aquarium.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"These fish are relatives of sea bass, though they're preyed on by other, larger fish, such as black bass. Their defining features are their large, prickly dorsal fins and gray stripes on pale-yellow bodies. Ice fishing on frozen lakes is a very popular way to catch them in their native United States and Canada. They are often fried before being eaten, which makes them a simple but tasty meal."

Capture quotes

"I caught a yellow perch! Perch in my belly!" —Wild World
"I caught a yellow perch! Why's the little guy so scared?" —City Folk
Japanese Quotes

「イエローパーチを 釣り上げた! そんなに 黄色くもない」 —Wild World and City Folk

"I caught a yellow perch! It's not really that yellow." (translation)

「イエローパーチを 釣り上げた! そんなに 黄色くもない」 —New Leaf

"I caught a yellow perch! It's not really that yellow." (translation)

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Yellow perch (Wild World) "Bass love to feast on this fish, which is why some lures are shaped like yellow perch."
Size 13.7 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season Fall and Winter
Icon Yellow perch (Wild World icon)

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Yellow Perch (City Folk)
"Because bass like to eat them, there are many lures shaped like these fish."
Size About 14 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season Fall-Spring

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Yellow perch encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a yellow perch! I wonder if birds usually stand on it!"
Size About 14 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season Fall-Spring


Further information

YellowPerch (real)

Two real yellow perches

The yellow perch is a species of perch found in the United States and Canada, where it is sometimes referred to as the shortform perch. Yellow perch look similar to the European perch but are paler and more yellowish, with less red in the fins. They have an active lifestyle during the day, when they feed. They have 6-8 dark vertical bars on their sides to protect themselves from predators. Yellow Perch are fairly easy to catch and are often caught while fishing for species in which they share the same body of water. As mentioned in the 'Bugs and Fish' window in City Folk, there are lures designed to look like perch, usually to catch bass but other fish are attracted to them too, such as pike. They weigh about four pounds and are generally 4 to 15 inches long.

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