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Young spring bamboo is a seasonal crafting material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is obtained by chopping bamboo with an axe. It is used in crafting several types of furniture as well as the bamboo wand. It can be sold for 200 Bells each. Bamboo pieces can also be obtained by chopping bamboo, and have a higher chance of spawning than young spring bamboo.

Young spring bamboo, being seasonal, will only drop from chopping bamboo during the spring. This season is from February 25th to May 31st in the northern hemisphere, and from August 25th to November 30th for the southern hemisphere. [1]

Items crafted using young spring bamboo include:

Majority of the furniture that can be crafted by using bamboo pieces and young spring bamboo are part of the bamboo series, which includes:

In other languages[]

Young spring bamboo
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese はるのわかたけ ' -
France French Jeune bambou printemps -
Spain Spanish Tallo de bambú primaveral -
Germany German Frühlingsbambus -
Italy Italian Bambù giovane primavera -
The Netherlands Dutch Jonge lentebamboe -
Russia Russian Весенний бамбук ' -
China Chinese 春笋 ' -
South Korea Korean 봄의 대나무 ' -


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