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Hippity-hoppity wish-wash-whoa!
― Picture quote, Wild World

Zipper T. Bunny
ぴょんたろう Pyontarou
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Service Bunny Day,
Egg series
Birthday March 11th
Coffee N/A
Appearances CF, NL , PC
Regional names Flag of France small Albin
Flag of Germany small Ohs
Flag of Spain Coti Conejal
Flag of Italy small Ovidio
Flag of South Korea 토빗

Zipper T. Bunny (ぴょんたろう, Pyontarou?), commonly shortened to Zipper, is a special character in City Folk,  New Leaf and Pocket Camp. Zipper is a yellow rabbit with a white muzzle, visible bucked teeth, overalls and a sun visor.

There is a zipper on the back of Zipper's overalls which may be the source of Zipper's name. It is easily visible when seen from behind, which causes Zipper to turn around and comment saying to not to look at the zipper, as it "spoils the magic". It's a running joke that villagers think he is someone in a costume though he has defended his appearance saying it is, in fact, not a costume. In Pocket Camp, he seems sensitive about it, claiming it's rude to call it (his appearance) a costume and that this is just how he looks.

Zipper appears as the holiday character for Bunny Day and was first introduced in City Folk alongside Pavé and Phineas.

Upon being approached, his theme will begin to play and Zipper will begin to dance. As the player leaves the Town Plaza the music and dancing fades and Zipper will sigh heavily. Zipper will ask the player to search for bunny eggs which are buried around town. Opening these will reveal a "surprise", Zipper says, but after constantly talking to Zipper without finding one, Zipper eventually will tell the player to look for bunny foils, which are also called prize tickets. Zipper will give the player Furniture from the Egg Series or Zipper's picture each time the player finds one bunny foil or grand prize ticket (respectively) inside an egg and gives it to Zipper.

During the event, villagers will usually speak of Zipper in a derogatory manner. Normal villagers appear to be scared of Zipper. It would appear Zipper is unhappy with the choice of uniform and job, by mentioning that Zipper wants a new job under their breath and will occasionally mention how uncomfortable it is under the suit - also, under their breath.

After the Welcome Amiibo update, when visiting Zipper's RV, the description will say, "Camping gives Zipper a chance to finally get out of that stuffy old costume and- er, we're being told in no uncertain terms that it is NOT a costume."


Warning: Theory starts here.


Many believe Zipper to be Tortimer, due to the name being "Zipper", as in the zipper on the bunny suit and "T", as in Tortimer. However, upon entering Town Hall, he is clearly seen in his usual spot. (and the T could just stand for 'The')


Some believe Zipper to be Phyllis, due to the fact that Zipper also complains silently in a similar style to Phyllis. Zipper also has purple eyelids when blinking, which further supports this theory. However, Phyllis can be found in the Post Office during her usual evening shift or in The Roost before work.


Others believe Zipper to be Lyle, due to both disliking their jobs and Lyle isn't seen at Nook's Homes on Easter. This is not the case in New Leaf, however.

Dr. Shrunk

Dr. Shrunk is sometimes theorized to be the animal dressed as Zipper. However, Dr. Shrunk is in Club LOL as usual on Bunny Day after 12 pm.


Its possible that the villager Hopkins is Zipper- they are both rabbits, have a lazy villager voice, and share a birthday. However, those with Hopkins in their town will easily disprove this.

Others believe that Zipper really isn't wearing a costume and that the zipper on his back is for his clothes instead of a costume.

It's also possible Zipper is one of the other Special Characters (such as Jingle or Redd) doing a side bit

  • Even though Zipper's birthday is different from all the other Special Villagers, Cornimer and Tortimer are implied/confirmed to be the same character, but are given different birthdays (10/18 and 12/31 respectively)
  • In the Welcome amiibo update,this could be disproven if a special character is visiting the camp at the same time as Zipper during Easter, though some do not have campers in the daily rotation
Theory ends here.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#316 Zipper
Type Special
Star sign Pisces
Birthday 3/11
Roll value 3
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 316 Zipper
315 Redd #316 Zipper 317 Goldie


City Folk

New Leaf



The zipper in Zipper's back

  • Zipper's mouth, costume or not, moves while talking.
  • Zipper will offer to sell a shovel to the player if they do not have one.
  • In New Leaf, Zipper has the voice of a lazy villager.
  • Ironically, Zipper shares a a birthday (3/11) with another lazy rabbit villager-Hopkins

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